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Barry A. Schechter, M.D., F.A.A.O.

Director of Cornea & Cataract Services, Glaucoma, External Disease & Comprehensive Ophthalmology


About Dr. Schechter

Barry Schechter, M.D., F.A.A.O., is the Director of Department of Cornea and External Disease at Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute. Dr. Schechter's practice involves diseases of the ocular surface including dry eyes, allergies, infection; the latest in corneal, refractive, and cataract surgery, and glaucoma. He is on the Editorial board for Advanced Ocular Care, a journal that reaches the top 10% of Ophthalmologists and select Optometrists. Dr. Schechter has reviewed articles for Cornea, British Journal of Ophthalmology, and Journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He has lectured internationally and published about treatment of ocular tumors, on lens implants, on dry eyes, and written a textbook chapter on surgical techniques. Dr. Schechter is involved in clinical research and consults for several ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies.

Before and After

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What Dr. Schechter's Patients Say

I'm in love with the Ouchless Needle! It's fantastic!! No more pain, no more ice cubes. Dr. Schechter literally sprayed a shot of coolant on my forehead, and then he administered the Botox immediately following. After Dr. Schechter, the Ouchless Needle is my new best friend in the cosmetic filler arena."
Ellen P.
I could not stand getting Juvederm before. I loved the results but I couldn't stand the pain. Numbing creams never worked for me and the ice cubes messed up my make-up. My friend convinced me to try the Ouchless Needle with Dr. Schechter. Unbelievable! I can't believe how this thing works. All you feel is a cool spray, a little pressure, and that's it. I'm very happy."
Melissa M.

Dr. Schechter Now Using the Ouchless® Needle

FDA-compliant device revolutionizes cosmetic injectable treatments with state-of-the-art pain reducing technology.

Dr. Barry Schechter is now offering his patients the "Ouchless® Needle" by BellaNovus Development Company LLC, a medical design and manufacturing company. The Ouchless Needle is a disposable syringe-attachable dispenser that delivers an instant topical refrigerant to the skin just prior to needle insertion. Dr. Schechter is the only ophthalmologist in Boynton Beach to offer its use for cosmetic injections and among the first nationally.

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The Ouchless Needle Collection eliminates waiting time, works to instantly reduce the pain associated with an injection, minimizes post-injection numbness, swelling and bruising, and provides patients a far superior injectable treatment experience. While numbing creams can take up to 40 minutes to work and may cause face discoloration, the Ouchless Needle delivers a short spray of FDA-compliant blend of vapocoolant onto the skin before injecting. The vapocoolant spray immediately refrigerates the skin, making the injection more comfortable.

“As a physician, I have seen far too many patients struggle with the pain of injections and cosmetic injectables and in many cases this fear of pain leads patients to not have cosmetic procedures at all," says Dr. Schechter. “The Ouchless Needle is great because it makes cosmetic procedures available to anyone, regardless of their pain tolerance.”


A Fabulous Offer!

Botox $12 per unit, minimum 20 units (usually one treatment area).

Ouchless Needle add $10 to Botox treatment price.


Juvederm Untra XC
$600 first syringe ($50 off additional syringes)

Juvederm Untra XC Plus
$650 first syringe ($50 off additional syringes)

Ouchless Needle price built into Juviderm pricing.

  • Available at Boynton Beach & Boca Raton locations.
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